Meet Summer Joy

I have been artistically involved my whole life, ever since i could hold a pencil, paintbrush or needle. Possessing the gift of a brain condition called synesthesia i have enjoyed a world unusually full of colour ever since i can remember, which has greatly enriched my life and enhanced my artistic appreciation of everything around me. I have explored such varied arts and crafts as painting and drawing, numerous sewing arts including quilt-making and appliqué, basket weaving, woodworking, leatherwork, sculpture, and various types of folk art design and decoration. I have a compulsive desire to create, and to beautify whatever is around me, as well as a particular eye for the artistic potential in even the most mundane items. I am a dedicated recycler by nature, and i gain immense delight from taking something that would be considered throwaway rubbish and making it into interesting, beautiful and useful items for the home and garden.

I have been making and selling my popular animal tea cosies for thirty years, and cosies have now gone all over the world.

I have two daughters and four granddaughters, and for many years i made my home on Vancouver Island and Hornby Island on Canada's west coast. I married Jim Webb, an English craftsman and musical instrument maker, in 2002 and moved to England to join him.  We returned to Vancouver Island to live in 2010.  Jim and i are both avid gardeners and my other interests include traditional folk music, animals, and quilting.